There are many things which can impact on the running of your home, and some of these issues or problems are more serious than others. One thing that you should always be on the lookout for is damp, and it may surprise you to learn that damp is generally classed as one of the three categories. At MayfairFowler, we are happy to provide you with services relating to all three damp categories and if you want to ensure that your home is well looked after, we are the Oxted professionals to call on.

We can impact on all categories of dampness

The three main types of damp are rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. It is important to be aware that each category type is caused by a different issue and there is a need to treat each category in its own way. As specialists with respect to diagnosing and treating damp, we are the local company you should call on to care for your home in the most effective manner. If you want to enjoy the best standard of damp proofing Oxted has to offer, we are the company that you should call on.

We are highly experienced in dealing with damp

Rising damp, as the name suggests, rises upwards from the ground and is only found at ground level. This style of damp can be spotted by tide marks on the wall or crumbling plaster. Penetrating damp is generally caused by building defects and can be caused by cracked rendering or gutters that leak. This style of dampness can also be caused by elongated periods of bad weather conditions. There is also condensation, which can occur in any home and at any height and it is generally caused by a lack of airflow, ventilation or high humidity. No matter what type of damp is impacting on your home, we can make a difference.

We provide swift and effective solutions

Our experienced professionals are experts in diagnosing the different types of damp, and this provides us with the best starting point for resolving your damp issues. While a proactive approach to dampness can be of benefit, it is often only possible to act on resolving damp until a problem has been solved. As soon as you believe that you have an issue with dampness, get in touch and we’ll be along as quickly as we possibly can to improve your home.

Trust MayfairFowler because:

  • We are leading damp specialists in the local area
  • We understand the different types of dampness and how to impact on them
  • We have an experienced team who understand the issues relating to damp
  • We can be with you at short notice
  • We provide an affordable and effective service with respect to damp

If you are looking to remove any issues with dampness with your Oxted property, call on MayfairFowler.