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Decking Ideas

It is critical for you to pick and choose the best decking ideas because if you do it correctly, you will increase the usability of your outdoor space while adding value to your property.

Size Consideration

It is easy to get carried away and create a huge deck that covers most of your garden yet this could be a short-sighted approach because it might not be a good plan for your particular garden depending on its size and shape. Think about the area of the garden that gets most sunlight in the evening and base the size and location of your decking on that since you are most likely to be using the decking in the late afternoon/early evening. You may also want to leave some space for a lawn or a pond.


Keeping Things Level

If you have a sloped garden, it isn’t necessary to level it or clear it to create your deck. Simply add supports and place the decking on top. All of a sudden, you have transformed an area of the garden that was previously unusable into a flat deck that can contain tables, chairs and other furniture.


Decking ideas are best for gardens that face south as they receive a tremendous amount of sunshine. However, placing the decking in an area where it is constantly exposed to the sun can cause its own problems. For example, sitting out in extreme heat for hours is uncomfortable so there is something to be said for a bit of shade. A good compromise is to build in a sunny area of the garden and add a patio umbrella to provide shade as and when it is needed. A pergola is another great option as it is a permanent structure that can be integrated with decking.

Have a Seat

Adding patio furniture is the traditional option when it comes to outdoor seating but a seldom used decking idea is a permanent seat on the main area of your deck. With clever design, such a seat could double as a waterproof storage container.
A great decking project will be the centrepiece of your outdoor display and can feel like a new room such is the convenience it offers.


A well designed and professionally installed patio can add tremendously to the usability of your garden. MayfairFowler Ltd’s team specialise in individual patio installations throughout , London and the South East.
We can also include innovative lighting effects that can both extend the times you can use the garden and also provide stunning views from inside your home. Contact us to learn how you can transform your patio.